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Europe's colonial conquest of the Americas

It is 9:38 PM Saturday night in West Michigan. It has been a super long day! I am really not in the mood to write anything tonight, but it is still too early to go to bed. So I will force myself to write something.

My day started this morning around 6:30 AM. I got up came upstairs to make a pot of coffee. Carol did not get up till sometime around 7 o'clock AM. Josie got up soon after Carol did.

I made oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast we went grocery shopping. Carol wanted to get some food items for lunch.

Caleb, Emily, and Cora got here from Grand Rapids around Noontime. We had lunch and then Emily and Josie went to see the Tulip Time Parade. Caleb stay here with us. We all watched Cora and sat around talking. Cora took a nap.

Emily and Josie were home from the parade around 4 o'clock PM. Caleb, Emily, Josie and Cora left for GR around 5:30 PM. After everyone left Carol and I picked up the house and then watched taped television shows. Carol has gone to bed and I have been sitting around the house feeling wasted.

Late this morning before Caleb, Emily, and Cora arrived from Grand Rapids I left the house to visit a nearby thrift store to look at their used books. I found these used books this morning for our library-

'A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare 1599' by James Shapiro

'The Geographer's Library' a novel by Jon Fasman

'Infanta' a novel by Bodo Kirchhoff Translated From The German By John Brownjohn

'Missionary Conquest: The Gospel And Native American Cultural Genocide' by George E. Tinker

'As It Happened' A Memoir by William S. Paley

'Just Business: Christian Ethics for the Marketplace' by Alexander Hill

'Everything' a novel by Kevin Cantry

'Dictionary Of Saints' by John J. Delaney

Like I wrote it was a long exhausting day but we enjoyed spending time with our granddaughters Josie and Cora. Also it was nice to spend some time with Caleb and Emily. Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

I really never got around to reading anything today. Nothing came in the mail exciting today.

Well I will close to feel absolutely wasted. Existence keeps speeding by! I can not jump ship at this stage of the game.

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