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the Holy Spirit is working through the various human authors 
6th-May-2018 07:06 pm
I just realized that I have not written a proper diary entry today Sunday May 6th in my online diaries. What is wrong with me? I must be losing my brain!

It is right now 6:57 PM Sunday evening here in West Michigan. Expect Carol to be home early from church, because a guest minister is suppose to preach tonight and usually those kind of sermons last 25 minutes. When I use to preach my sermons were around 45 minutes long. The ministers I use to sit under preached for an hour.

Carol and I both got up early and went to Denny's for breakfast. After breakfast we drove downtown to Reader's World Bookstore and got some more Sunday newspapers (Carol bought a children's book, but I did not see anything I wanted/I have too many books that ought to be read).

It has been a quiet Sunday. I mainly sat around the house reading my books, writing in my diary, talking to my wife, watching birds and messing with our main computer.

I have been reading this evening from a novel titled, 'Shadowbahn' by Steve Erickson. This morning I mainly read from a book titled, 'Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation: The Senses of Scripture in Premodern Exegesis' by Ian Christopher Levy. I also read today 'Night Walking: A Nocturnal History of London' by Matthew Beamont.

I sure this evening Carol and I will watch television and go to bed early. Tomorrow is a Monday.

Well I will close.

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