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The Booktube Watching Tag

1. How many channels are you subscribed to? I subscribe to 141 channels in Booktube.

2. When do you normally watch booktube? I watch booktube throughout the day.

3. How do you balance booktube watching, reading, and making your own videos? I do not understand the question. For me reading, making videos and watching booktube videos is what I do on an average day of my life. Booktube does not cause my life to become unbalanced.

4. Is there a difference between videos you like watching and videos you like making? No I like both watching booktube videos and making them. Now to be honest I have found over time making videos has become difficult for me because I am come off weird in my videos/dumb/crazy.

5. Who is the first booktuber you subscribed to and do you still watch them? Most of the booktubers I first started watching three or four years ago are no longer making videos. I think one the first booktubers I watched and still watch is FromTheDustyBookshelf.

7 Days at Sea

6. Who is the most recent booktuber you subscribed to? The newest booktuber I have subscribe to is Wilsonn Shugart-

7. Share an old favorite booktuber! I would say Orpheus is my oldest favorite booktuber-

8. Share a new favorite booktuber. My new favorite booktuber is Susurrus. She rarely makes a video, but I always enjoy finding out what she is reading or the new books she has bought.

9. What is one of your booktube pet peeves? What it comes to booktube pet peeves I do not like edited videos. I do not like booktube videos that come off as a commercial or scripted production.

10. What have you learned from watching other booktubers? What I have mainly learned from watching booktubers is that there are a lot of books I have not read or even heard of.

11. Optional: Tag some of your favorite booktubers!

Laura Frey

Reading Closely


Words Words Everywhere

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