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Thrift Store Used Books Haul & May TBR

'Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation: The Senses of Scripture in Premodern Exegesis' by Ian Christopher Levy

'Protestants: The Faith That Made The Modern World' by Alec Ryrie

'Shadowbahn' a novel by Steve Erickson

'Night Walking: A Nocturnal History Of London' by Matthew Beaumont

'Left Bank: Art, Passion, and the Rebirth of Paris, 1940-50' by Agnes Poirier

'At The Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails' biography by Sarah Bakewell

'Jean Cocteau: A Life' by Claude Arnaud Translated by Lauren Elkin and Charlotte Mandell

'Twilight' a novel by William Gay

'The Mars Room' a novel by Rachel Kushner

'The Message Of Sonship' by Trevor J. Burke [The Bible Speaks Today]

'The Witches Salem, 1692' nonfiction by Stacy Schiff

'Cleopatra' biography by Stacy Schiff

'The Passionate Beechers: A Family Saga of Sanctity and Scandal That Changed America' biography by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr.

'Lolita' a novel by Vladimir Nabokov [Everyman's Library] (I collect different editions/front covers of the novel 'Lolita'.)

'By A Slow River' a novel by Philippe Claudel Translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers

'How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life' a memoir by Peter Robinson Former Speechwriter To The President

'Fighting for Air: In the Trenches with Television News' memoir by Liz Trotta

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