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there are distinct persons within the unified Godhead 
1st-May-2018 11:06 am
It is 10:56 AM Tuesday morning in the ongoing process of universal decay. Carol just left to have lunch with girlfriends. She took our van because she took in our car this morning to have it's muffler checked. She asked me for my set of keys so as to drive the van. I asked her where were her set of keys? She said left her set of keys at the auto shop. I said What! you left your set of keys with strangers who could be killers or thieves. Now those monster killers can break into our house anytime they want and kill us or rob us. We are now no longer safe in our own home. I could be alone here at home and during the night someone can use a copy of my wife's house keys to come int the house and kill me. I now will live every night afraid I will be killed during the night by a grease monkey monster killer! I feel absolutely sick with dread now knowing this house is now not a safe place. This house is now open for anyone to walk in and kill us or rob us. I never leave my set of keys with anyone. We live in a world of mad insane pagan killers!

All I can do now is buy a gun for protection from monster pagan killers.

So my morning goes by. I can't even think clearly now that my life will be under constant danger of being destroyed by some monster killer who has a day job working on cars.
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