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The Have You Ever Original Tag

A tag composed by Marc Nash in Booktube-

22 questions about unusual activities you may or may not have done in your life. From jury service to leaving an unpaid restaurant bill.

Questions: Have You Ever-
1) Seen a vulture? yes
2) Had a portrait painted? no
3) Served on a jury? no
4) Had a fortune/tarot reading no
5) Won a trophy? no
6) Visited a historical battlefield? yes
7) Climbed a mountain (part or all)? yes
8) Acted in a film or play? yes
9) Tried alternative health treatments? no
10) Left a restaurant bill unpaid (flit or in protest at food/service)? no
11) Had a face to face meeting with your elected representative? no
12) Mastered a musical instrument? no
13) Fired a gun? yes
14) Taken an overnight sleeper train? no
15) Patented or copyrighted something? no
16) Accidentally taken home somebody else’s bag, coat, etc? no
17) Ever talked a stranger down from a troubling situation? yes
18) Stood for election no matter on what scale? yes
10) Tried to fly a kite? yes
20) Had a letter or article published in a newspaper? yes
21) Bought something at an auction (not an online one) no
22) Have you ever delivered a speech? yes

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