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booktube comment exchange

Jake Veliz
Do you do any giveaways or have any for sale?

Jonny Keen
No I have no giveaways or any for sale. Why do you ask? I have never been asked these questions.

Jake Veliz
Jonny Keen Just a question, always looking to expand my library myself. A lot of booktubers do sales or giveaways.

Jonny Keen
I am not a follower in the world of Booktube. I go my own way. I am here to simply share my love for books. Also my Booktube channel is an extension of my online diary Crookedfingers and also my Flickr site. I am into the world of words and images. All is one. All is a complex unity.

When seeing all my books remember I have been collecting books going on 43 years. I can recall at one time my personal library would fit into two boxes. A lot of my secular books were bought used. I am not a rich man and I have chosen to buy books because that is what is important in my life. I could care less about anything else. I basically write in my paper diary (online diary) and read my books. To me this world is not my home. To me I want to live a simple life of a contemplative Christian.

Something just came to my mind that I will share with you. My wife and I recently got in the mail information about a group of Reformed Calvinist going on a Reformation Tour in Europe. The cost of this trip would be for the both of us $14,000.00 dollars. This Reformation Tour is always quickly filled up by people who want to visit where Martin Luther and John Calvin lived and preached. Think how many good Christian books one could buy for $14,000.00 dollars!

Getting back to books I should add that when I was in the work world I worked as a farm laborer/I unloaded farm trucks delivering eggs to an egg processing factory. I also worked on an egg processing line for many years. It was back breaking hard physical labor. The men I worked with did not speak English so I worked for years in silence. When I was working I invested some of my wages and that is what I use when I buy books (also social security). I see my books as paid for by own personal sweat. Also all my book knowledge (Bible College and Seminary) made it impossible for me to fit in the American evangelical world. The point is do not think having a good Christian library will be a blessing, it might be a curse especially among Christians who do not read or really think deeply about biblical doctrine/realities.

Jake Veliz
Jonny Keen I agree with you on so many levels brother. I’m a ground worker for Southwest Airlines and have the chance to travel a lot, but choose to use that money on books instead.

Why do you feel like you can’t fit in the Evangelical world and that having a Christian library could be a curse?

Thanks for the conversation and your time brother!

Jonny Keen
Why do I think having a Christian library is a curse? I have come to see every church or denomination has a confession of faith/doctrinal standards/system of theology etc. . . I just can't go to a evangelical church and just listen and worship without being aware of the theology behind the teaching and preaching. I am also aware that every church sets forth a conception of Christian Spirituality/what it means to be a Christian. Since I am a conservative evangelical who holds to the Reformed Faith that leaves me with very few choices when it comes to where to worship on Sunday. And due to my own convictions on what the Bible teaches I am not in total agreement with everything taught even by conservative Reformed/Calvinistic Presbyterian churches. So in the end I am out in the cold. I do not fit in the American evangelical world. The more one reads the more one knows and therefore it is hard to just sit and enjoy a typical Sunday worship service especially if inside ones head you have thousands of years of Church History/History of Doctrine/History of Christian Spirituality flying around inside your brain.

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