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Saturday Reads & Recent Used Books Added To Our Library

'Paul: A Biography' by N.T. Wright

'Theology As Discipleship' by Keith L. Johnson

'Protestants: The Faith That Made The Modern World' by Alec Ryrie

'Can You Forgive Her' by Anthony Trollope

'The Rainbow Comes And Goes' autobiography by Diana Cooper

'Left Bank: Art, Passion, and the Rebirth of Paris 1940-50 by Agnes Poirier

'An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy 1917-1963' biography by Robert Dallek

'The Splendor of Ruins: In French Landscape Painting 1630-1800' Stephen D. Borys

'Slave To Beauty: The Eccentric Life and Controversial Career of F. Holland Day Photographer, Publisher, Aesthete by Estelle Jussim (aesthete a person who has or professes to have a special appreciation for beauty.)

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