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Friday Reads & Used Books Added To Our Library 
7th-Apr-2018 07:39 am

Friday Reads & Used Books Added To Our Library

'Can You Forgive Her?' a novel by Anthony Trollope

'Stream System: The Collected Short Fiction of Gerald Murnane'

'Protestants: The Faith That Made The Modern World' by Alec Ryrie

'The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing: A Theological Commentary' by Jonathan T. Pennington

'Paul: A Biography' by N. T. Wright

'One.Life Jesus Calls We Follow' Christian Spirituality by Scot McKnight

'North of Now: A Celebration Of Country And The Soon To Be Gone' essays by W. D. Wetherell

'Yellowstone Autumn: A Season of Discovery in a Wondrous Land' biography by W. D. Wetherell

'The English And Their History' by Robert Tombs

'The Forsyte Saga' fiction by John Galsworthy

'The Tree: A Natural History Of What Trees Are, How They Live, And Why They Matter' by Colin Tudge

'Edith Wharton An Extraordinary Life' An Illustrated Biography by Eleanor Dwight
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