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Maundy Thursday

It is in the death flow 5:57 PM Maundy Thursday evening. Emily, Josie, and Cora have left and Carol is going to bed to sleep till 11 o'clock PM. She works from 1 AM till 4 o'clock AM tomorrow morning. I am right now feeling absolutely wasted! I am thinking of brushing my teeth and taking a nap down in the lower level. Sleep for a while and then wake up to go through the evening hours. It is really too late in the day for a nap for me. So I will suffer and go to bed when Carol gets up to go to work tonight.

I really have no energy left to write so I will close to feel wasted. Tomorrow is a Friday. The last Friday of March 2018. Tomorrow is Good Friday.

Cora Leigh

Noni & Josie

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