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a summer in Alaska

It is in the death flow 12:26 PM Thursday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is another cold sunny early Spring day.

I left this morning around 9 o'clock AM to go for a walk at Stu Visser Trail. On the way to this park I picked up my friend Tim who wanted to visit thrift stores after our walk.

Tim and I walked for about an hour and then visited thrift stores. Tim bought an electric frying pan at one of the thrift stores we visited. I bought two used books this morning 'Ride With Me, Mariah Montana' a novel by Ivan Doig and 'A Summer In Alaska in the 1880's' Nature Writing by Frederick Schwatka Laureate of the Paris Geographical Society, and of the Imperial Geographical Society of Russia, Honorary Member Bremen Geographical Society, rtc.,etc. Commander of the Expedition.

I dropped Tim off at his AAA Meeting and came home. I found Carol home when I got home and she has now gone to bed to sleep a couple of hours. This morning after work she had to attend three hour class on Human Trafficking.

I have no plans for the afternoon hours. I will close to make a fresh pot of coffee. This morning I did not read anything for morning devotions. When I got up this morning I made myself a portion of oatmeal and then messed with our main computer. Last night I made a short video for my Booktube channel and then read, 'The Royal Family' a novel by William T. Vollmann late into the night.

I do not know what I will read this afternoon or do. I might take a nap this afternoon. Well, I will close to drift through this day.

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