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It is 4:15 PM late afternoon Monday afternoon here in West Michigan. I need to write an entry in my online diaries before the day comes to a close. Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring 2018.

I volunteered at the library used books store The Book Nook today from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. When I got home I found Carol reading in the living room. I soon left to take a walk at VanRaalte Farm county park.

When I got home I downloaded the pictures I took as I walked at VanRaalte Farm. Flickr was acting up so it took me forever to get the pictures into the Flickr photo site. Sometimes Flickr can drive me nuts!

The Book Nook was slow today so I basically read for three hours a novel I have been reading the last couple of months titled, 'The Future Won't Be Long' a novel by Jarett Kobek. I brought home from the Book Nook these three used books to add to our library-

'Gustave Moreau: Magic and Symbols' biography/Art History by Genevieve Lacambre

'Dark Genius Of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould King of the Robber Barons' biography by Edward J. Renehan, Jr.

'Seeing Mary Plain: A Life of Mary McCarthy' biography by Frances Kiernan

Not much else to report. Carol and I are going out for dinner this evening. Existence keeps decaying.

Last night I made a video for my Booktube channel and read till bedtime 'The Invented Part' a novel by Rodrigo Fresan Translated From The Spanish By Will Vanderhyden.

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

VanRaalte Farm

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