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Library Used Books Sale Haul

'The Robber Barons: The Great American Capitalist 1861-1901' by Matthew Josephson

'Mabel Dodge Luhan: New Woman, New Worlds' biography by Lois Palken Rudnick

'The Road To Miltown or Under the Spreading Atrophy' essays/humor by S. J. Perelman

'Falling In Place' a novel by Ann Beattie

'The Samurai' a novel by Shusaku Endo Translated By Van C. Gessel

'Aubrey's Brief Lives' Edited By Oliver Lawson Dick Foreword By Edmund Wilson

'Rupert Brooke: a biography' by Christopher Hassall

'In My Own Way: An Autobiography' by Alan Watts

'Vampires In The Lemon Grove And Other Stories' by Karen Russell

'Running After Antelope' stories by Scott Carrier

'North Country: A Personal Journey Through The Borderland' travel memoir by Howard Frank Mosher

'How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York' by Jacob A. Riis (first published in 1890) Penguin Classics

'Sean O'Casey Autobiographies 1 I Knock At The Door, Pictures In The Hallway' Drums Under The Windows'

'Sean O'Casey Autobiographies 2 Inishfallen, Fare Thee Well Rose And Crown Sunset And Evening Star'

'The River Congo: The Discovery, Exploration, and Exploitation of the World's Most Dramatic River' by Peter Forbath

'Faster: The Acceleration Of Just About Everything' by James Gleick

'Matisse, Picasso, Miro-As I Knew Them' biography by Rosamond Bernier

'Bohemian Paris: Picasso, Modigliani, Mattisse, and the Birth of Modern Art' by Dan Franck

'The Pregnant Widow' a novel by Martin Amis

'Collected Stories' Ellen Gilchrist

'Thames: The Biography' by Peter Ackroyd

'Bruce' a biography Bruce Springsteen by Peter Ames Carlin

'The Landmark Thucydides: A Comprehensive Guide To The Peloponnesian War' Edited By Robert B. Strassler

'Gotham: A History Of New York City To 1898' by Edwin G. Burrows & Mike Wallace

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