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the sociopolitical dimensions of the atonement

It is 2:19 PM Monday afternoon in the death flow here in West Michigan. I just got back from a walk. I am trying to walk every day because I need to move my old body. I need to feel the stress of soreness in my feet in order to feel alive or to keep on living.

Outside right now it is cold with patches of cloud and blue sky. This morning we had snow and now it is not snowing. It is suppose to snow tonight and tomorrow.

I am sure if I want to write out what I did today in great detail. All my days are the same pretty much. Nothing happens different in my life.

I did volunteer at the local library used books store today from 10 AM till 1 PM. The bookstore was not busy so I read and wandered the store till the next volunteer showed up to take my place. While at the Book Nook I read some more of the novel 'The Future Won't Be Long' by Jarett Kobek. I brought home from the Book Nook one used book to ADD to our library-'Carson McCullers: Complete Novels' [The Library Of America].

Carol goes back to work after being off two weeks, so she is sleeping right now. There is not much else to report so I will close to feel wasted. This time change is a killer for me!

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