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the loss of the original

It is in the ongoing death flow 2:50 PM Friday afternoon. It is a cold winter day. The sun did come out this afternoon, but still very cold.

The library used books store the Book Nook was busy today. When I was not helping people I read from a novel titled, 'The Invented Part' Rodrigo Fresan. I brought home from the Book Nook these used books for our library-

'50 Writers: An Anthology Of 20th Century Russian Short Stories' Selected, with an Introduction, by Mark Lipovetsky and Valentina Brougher Translated and Annotated by Valentina Brougher and Frank Miller with Mark Lipovetsky

'The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Visions Of Glory, 1874-1932' biography by William Manchester

'The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Alone, 1932-1940' biography by William Manchester

'The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill Defender Of The Realm, 1940-1965' biography by William Manchester

'John Muir: Nature Writings' [The Library Of America]

'The Power Of Art' Art History by Simon Schama

'Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature'

'Art & Architecture: Musee D' Orsay' Peter J. Gartner

When I got home from the Book Nook I ate lunch. Carol was finishing lunch when I got home from the library. After lunch I wrote in my paper diary. So the day goes by. I will close to see what happens next.

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