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a kind of ecstatic agony

It is 4:18 PM Wednesday late afternoon here in West Michigan. I feel restless but it is snowing and I can't drive anywhere in bad weather. Where would I go anyway? There is no place to go that I have not been there before.

I cleaned the house and trimmed my beard this afternoon. Carol won't be home for another eight hours so I have to wait it out. I have been reading 'The Invented Part' a novel by Rodrigo Fresan Translated From The Spanish By Will Vanderhyden.

I did leave late this morning to visit local thrift stores and go pick up a prescription. I did not find any used books to add to our library today. No books came in the mail today for me. Do I really NEED any more books?

So Time crawls along at a normal pace. I thought of making a video for my Booktube channel, but my mind is spinning this evening. I like to do a video on the apostle Paul and what N.T. Wright has written about him. But that is a task I am not up for this evening. Where to begin in setting forth the New Testament theology of N.T. Wright?

So the day has gone by. I suppose I will close to drift and read my books.

guardian of our library
the guardian of the library

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