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The My Pleasure Book Tag

The Pleasure Book Tag

This tag uses a few of life's pleasures as prompts to suggesting books, poems, novels, non-fiction etc. Enjoy!


1. Think. A book that made you think, hard. 'The Magic Mountain' a novel by Thomas Mann
2. Love. A book that broke or mended your heart. 'Big Sur' a novel by Jack Kerouac
3. Eat. A book that nourishes you. 'The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross'
4. Laugh. A book that brought a little comic relief. 'Darkmans' by Nicola Barker
5. Sex. A book that explores or contains sexuality that doesn’t make you cringe, 'The Royal Family' a novel by William T. Vollmann
6. Rest. A book that gave you peace, reflection or just calms you down. Bible
7. Experience. A book that introduced you to a new subject or shifted your perspective. 'The Domestication of Transcendence: How Modern Thinking about God Went Wrong' by William C. Placher

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