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the dark side of Camelot

It is in the death flow 1:03 PM Saturday afternoon. Outside today it is cold and cloudy. It is suppose to rain this week or is it next week.

I got up this morning around 6:44 AM. I got up because I was having this head pounding dream and so as to escape this dream I woke up to face another day of my life. My days are fleeting. When I got up I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and made a fresh pot of coffee. I ate my breakfast messing with our main computer. I downloaded this morning a video I made last night. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and read William Perkins Commentary on Hebrews 11.

Carol got home from work around 8:47 AM and went to bed around 9:07 AM. She works tonight and tomorrow night, then she is off for two weeks.

This morning I left the house to visit local thrift stores to search for used books to add to our library. I found these used books-

'The Dark Side Of Camelot' biography by Seymour M. Hersh

'Last Bus to Wisdom' a novel by Ivan Doig

'Wide Sargasso Sea' a novel by Jean Rhys

'The Black Tulip' a novel by Alexandre Dumas

'Commentary On The Epistle To The Ephesians' The English Text With Introduction, Exposition And Notes by E. K. Simpson & F. F. Bruce [The New International Commentary on the New Testament]

'Let Justice Roll Down: The Old Testament, Ethics, and Christian Life' by Bruce C. Birch

'Evangelism in the Early Church' by Michael Green

'Into The Beautiful North' a novel by Luis Alberto Urrea

When I got home I ate lunch and cataloged the used books I bought today. I ate lunch afterwards and then wrote in my paper diary. Well I got to close because I am falling asleep. I basically have been reading today from a book I received in the mail yesterday titled, 'The Future Won't Be Long' a novel by Jarett Kobek.

Last night I made a video for my Booktube channel and read.

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