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Used Books Tag

Tell us about your favorite second hand book you own. Show it off if you can! I do not have any favorite second hand book. I buy a lot of used books and rarely do I come across one that becomes my favorite. I suppose I have only a few favorite books like, 'The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross'.

Tell us where you like to shop for your second hand books and why you love it there. I buy my used books from Amazon, Salvation Army thrift store, Goodwill thrift store, the local library used books store The Book Nook, used book sales, and Action House thrift store. I do not love any of these places. I have no favorite thrift store.

Show us three recent thrift store book buys that you are excited over and explain why you love them. Like I said I buy a lot of used books, but none of these books am I excited about.

Show and tell! Tell us about (and show us if possible) the worst used book that you have ever bought. I do not buy books that I would find not worth reading or owning.

Tips and advice! Please give some of your best advice and tips to book lovers who are new or unfamiliar with purchasing used books. My personal advice about buying used books is educate yourself on what are the best books to own in the areas you like to read in, for example American History. There are a lot of used books not worth buying, so be selective. Seek out the best writers in the genre you enjoy reading like Literary Fiction or Science Fiction.

I was tagged by Time For Books.

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