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the end of the Year 2017

It is 7:40 PM Sunday night here in West Michigan. It has been a very long day! We have been watching professional football since 1 o'clock PM today. Now it is time to write a few words in my online diaries on this last day of the Year 2017. I do not remember much about the Year 2017. I tend to live in the moment and not in the past. To me when you get old like Carol and I life is all the same. For me life is basically a constant rerun. My goal each day is to stay in fellowship with God.

I got up this morning around 7:35 AM. I slept down in the lower level, because our granddaughter Josie slept next to her Grandmother. I came upstairs this morning to find Carol. Around 8 o'clock AM Josie Joy got up out of bed to face the day. This last day of 2017 was extremely cold but it was sunny. We had oatmeal for breakfast and after breadfast I went downtown to Reader's Bookstore and bought a New York Times Sunday edition.

Caleb and Emily got here to our house around 12:30 PM to pick up Josie Joy and to visit for a couple of hours. We ate lunch and watched football. Caleb, Emily and Josie left for their place around 3:30 PM. So the day has gone by. It was a day of eating alot food and watching professional football. I did not read anything today except for the New York Times newspaper. Last night I already wrote about before going to bed last night, so why repeat myself.

Tomorrow is the first day of a New Year the Year 2018. Existence keeps speeding by! I will close to wait to go to bed. Carol fell asleep in the living room easy chair. She works this week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I plan to just go from one moment to the next wondering when I am going fall asleep in Christ or die.

Emily, Caleb, Josie, & Carol

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