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armies of the night

It is in the death flow 9:50 PM Saturday night. I have been sleeping in our easy chair in the living room. I can hear Carol and Josie snoring in our bedroom. For some weird reason Carol and I are always sleepy since we got over this cold awhile back. I am no longer actually sick but just sleepy all the time. Carol has been off from work for a couple days and has been sleeping a lot. I am sleeping down in the lower level tonight because Josie is sleeping next to her Noni in her own sleeping bag. One of Josie's Christmas gifts was a sleeping bag with her name on it. So here I sit writing in my online diary Crookedfingers in order to keep myself awake. It is too early to go down into the lower level and go to bed. I usually go to bed around 11 o'clock PM and get up around 6:30 AM the following day. Why break my sleep pattern?

Before falling asleep this evening I read some more of the novel, 'Darkmans' by Nicola Barker. I could read some more before going to bed. I am not into watching television. I tape television shows for Carol when she is working because when she is off from work she likes to relax by watching her favorite television shows. I did watch this afternoon a college bowl games when Caleb, Emily and Josie Joy were here for lunch. Caleb and Emily left around 3 o'clock PM for Grand Rapids they wanted to see if they could avoid the bad Winter weather. It took them 45 minutes to drive here from GR, they said there were white outs driving on the freeway. Tomorrow when Caleb and Emily drive back here to pick up Josie Joy it is suppose to be cloudy and not snowing. We will wait and see what the weather is like tomorrow. I am thankful I do not have to be anywhere these snowy winter days.

So the day went by like most of our days. Another simple day filled with family and other activities. There is nothing pressing on my mind this evening. I did pre-ordered a Norman Mailer Box-Set from Library of America tonight that comes out in the Spring 2018. I have a large Norman Mailer Book Collection and am always looking for more books to add to it. How many people today read the writings of Norman Mailer? I suppose am from another literary generation.

Well, I suppose I will close to go to bed soon.

Noni & Josie Joy

Josie Joy

Noni & Josie Joy

Josie Joy

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