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winter scene 
28th-Dec-2017 12:25 pm

front yard lamppost

the street in front of our home

downy woodpecker
28th-Dec-2017 05:31 pm (UTC)
Very nice and great bird pic! (Downy woodpecker?)
28th-Dec-2017 06:35 pm (UTC) - bird
yes that is a downy woodpecker
28th-Dec-2017 05:47 pm (UTC)

Lovely pictures Jonny. Good to see what the outside of your house is like. We had a light scattering this morning in UK but all gone now. We don't know how to do snow like you.

Edited at 2017-12-28 05:49 pm (UTC)
28th-Dec-2017 06:39 pm (UTC) - UK
so you decided to join the LiveJournal community-I have been writing here since March 2001. I love to write. Now you can see another aspect of my Christian life by reading my online diary Crookedfingers. I see my Booktube videos as an extension of my online diary-both should be seen as one expression of my life as a Christian bookworm. Do you plan to write or just read peoples online diaries?
28th-Dec-2017 07:12 pm (UTC)

I've been meaning to keep an online diary for a while now. Since watching your videos and seeing you used this platform i thought i would give it a go. I intend to write on here as well as read and my first post was down earlier this afternoon. Just a short entry but it's a start. It's going to be mostly thoughts and anything that rattles through my brain really. Am looking forward to read your posts and are certainly a great companion to your videos.

29th-Dec-2017 05:22 am (UTC)
Merry Christmas, Jonny! But we have no snow at all! +16C!Lara.
29th-Dec-2017 06:29 pm (UTC) - 16C
Merry Christmas to you and a Blessed New Year! Here in West Michigan it is snow snow snow. peace
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