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our happiness, which is our union with God and absorption by God

It is in the death flow 11:12 AM Thursday late morning here in West Michigan. Yesterday I thought was a Thursday, but then someone in LJ kindly reminded me it was a Wednesday and not a Thursday. I hope I am not losing my mind. I tend to go through my life inside my head. I am a mystical dreamer.

So it is a new day in the history the world. I got up this morning around 6:24 AM to find my wife up. She went out for breakfast this morning we family members. I spent the morning reading my Reformation commentary on The Epistle to the Hebrews. I also shoveled some snow off our walkway and fed our birds this morning. I left the house around 10 o'clock AM to pick up fresh coffee beans at Simpatico Coffee and then visited one local thrift store to look for used books to add to our library. I found these used books this morning-

'Liveviews: Make a Christian Impact on Culture and Society' by R.C. Sproul

'A Struggle For Power: The American Revolution' American History by Theodore Draper

'The Great And Secret Show' Horror Fantasy by Clive Barker

'Iceman: Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier' by Brenda Fowler

'And The Band Played On: Politics, People, And The AIDS Epidemic' by Randy Shilts

'Eastern Approaches' memoir by Fitzroy Maclean

'Little Women' a novel by Louisa May Alcott

'Blind Date' a novel by Jerzy Kosinski

'Pale Blue Dot: A Vision Of The Human Future In Space' by Carl Sagan

After I visited this thrift store Bibles For Mexico I came home. Carol is home taking a nap as I write these words. Existence keeps decaying full speed. We are coming to the End faster and faster.

Yesterday I basically read late into the night from a novel titled, 'Darkmans' by Nicola Barker. Well I suppose I will go and drift through this day. It is 9 degrees outside right now and there is some sunshine.

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