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the internal joy of the vision of God

It is 2:30 PM Wednesday afternoon in the cold icy death flow. I can see myself sliding on ice and then falling into a hole in the ground this afternoon. My bones and feet are cold as I sit here seeking to write some words. Carol is taking a nap as I compose this diary entry. I expect her to get up soon from her nap. I have been wandering my cell and watching birds from our kitchen window. This afternoon when not falling asleep I have tried to read from a novel titled, 'Darkmans' by Nicola Baker. The last name of this writer reminds me that many many years ago I once had a girlfriend named Kathy Baker. Kathy was my first Christian girlfriend. I met Kathy at a Christian Commune back in 1971 Richmond California.

So the day has gone by normal for me thus far. Here in West Michigan by Lake Michigan we are in the midst of severe ice snow storm. The temperature is around 5 degrees and the earth is turning into a ball of hard ice. Maybe we are entering another Ice Age?

I got up this morning around 6:45 AM. When I got up my wife was making sugar cookies. I sat for awhile in our dining room trying to wake up to another day in the American Wasteland. I finally woke up enough to make some oatmeal for breakfast. Carol had already eaten breakfast so I made enough oatmeal to fed one human being. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and had a cup of coffee. I ate one of Carol's sugar cookies with my coffee.

I spent the morning basically reading with spiritual delight a volume titled, 'Moral Reflections on the Book of Job' Volume 4 Books 17-22 by Gregory the Great Translated by Brian Kerns, OCSO.

More could be written but not in the mood to spill my beans so I will close to drift into icy darkness. Existence keeps decaying full speed!

This morning Carol made cookies, peanut brittle, and corn bread.

sugar cookies



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