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What I Have Been Reading & Thrift Store Finds 
24th-Dec-2017 07:23 am

'Hebrews, James' New Testament XIII Reformation Commentary On Scripture Edited By Ronald K. Rittgers

'God has Spoken in his Son: A biblical theology of Hebrews' by Peter T. O'Brien

'IQ' a crime novel by Joe Ide

'The Devils' a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

'From Resistance To Revolution: Colonial radicals and the development of American opposition to Britain, 1765-1776' by Pauline Maier

'American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence' by Pauline Maier

'Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals' by Michael Pollan

'A Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams' by Michael Pollan

'Boston Adventure' a novel by Jean Stafford

'In The Name Of Salome' a novel by Julia Alvarez

'Bowling Alone: The Collapse And Revival Of American Community' by Robert D. Putnam

'Turner on Tour' biography by Inge Herold

'Turner' biography by James Hamilton

'Burnt Shadows' a novel by Kamila Shamsie

'Dutch: A Memoir Of Ronald Reagan' by Edmund Morris

'Reagan: A Life In Letters' Edited with an Introduction and Commentary by Kiron K. Skinner. Annelise Anderson, and Martin Anderson

'President Reagan: The Role Of A Lifetime' biography by Lou Cannon

music Enslaved 'E'

music Nekrasov 'The Mirror Void'

music Rebirth of Nefast 'Tabernaculum'

music Bereft 'Lands'

music Throane 'Plus Une Main A Mordre'

music Leviathan 'The First Sublevel Of Suicide'
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