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Yamaha CD-C600BL 5-Disc CD Changer (Black)

It is in the flow of this day 4:24 PM a cold snowy Monday here in West Michigan. This day has gone by like a slow icy cold winter wind. It seems I have been up forever! I can't seem to get into anything today. I am completely out of it. Do not know why. Weird.

I broke my Yamaha Natural Sound Compact Player CDC 5-Disc player this afternoon. It is a long complex story how it happened. So I had to buy myself a new one, which was a bummer. But I had to get a new Yamaha CD-C600BL 5-Disc CD Changer (Black) because I have a huge CD collection and I listen to music when I get tired of silence and listening to my inner voice.

I really have done nothing today but wander the house and watch birds from our kitchen window. Carol was gone all morning and got home around 12:30 PM. She went to bed to sleep this afternoon, because she works tonight. She works the next three nights.

I have been trying to read this afternoon from a book titled, 'Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian' biography by Richard Aldous.

Like I wrote I am out of it. Maybe I am already feeling the effects of extreme Winter weather today. I will have to drive Carol to work tonight since she does want to dig our car out of the snow when she gets out of work in the morning.

Well I will close to drift into the night time hours.

I bought my present stereo in February 2012.
new stereo

old diary entry March 2012

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