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white trash

It is 2:32 PM Friday afternoon on a cold gray ugly day. I got home from the library used books store The Book Nook around 1:10 PM. I brought home these used books from the Book Nook to add to our library-

'The Road' autobiography by Jack London

'The Dream Lover'a novel by Elizabeth Berg

'My Autobiography' by Charles Chaplin

'The Era Of Good Feelings' American History by George Dangerfield

'The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family' biography by Laurence Leamer

'Witness' autobiography by Whittaker Chambers

'Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon' biography by Larry Tye

'Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer & Life in Christ' Christian Living by J. Todd Billings

'The Outline Of History' Four Volumes by H. G. Wells published in 1922

'The Fifth Heart' a novel by Dan Simmons

'White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America' by Nancy Isenberg

When I came home from the Book Nook the house was empty of human activity. Carol is over in another city here in Michigan. She told me this morning she did not know when she would be home.

I am tired but I am still on my two feet cheering myself on to the finish line. I suppose I will close to wait. At the Book Nook I read 'The Road' autobiography by Jack London.

photo of me at the library Book Nook

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