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Boy Scouts of America

It is in the flow of being alive 3:24 PM Wednesday late afternoon here in West Michigan. It has been a sunny windy blue sky day. This morning I drove out to Lake Michigan to Tunnel Park and took some pictures. I posted some of those photos here in my LJ diary Crookedfingers. The weather lately has been perfect weather for taking photos if that is what you care to do as you wait to die.

After visiting Lake Michigan and giving it my regards I visited thrift stores and found these used books-

'The Official Boy Scout Handbook' By William Bill Hillcourt in association with the Boy Scouts Of America

'Hitler's Niece' A Novel by Ron Hansen

'A Singular Man' A Novel by J P Donleavy

'The Origins Of The Urban Crisis: Race And Inequality In Postwar Detroit' by Thomas J. Sugrue

'Pinocchio In Venice' A Novel by Robert Coover

'The Better Angels Of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined' by Steven Pinker

So time has gone by. I am tired as usual. I did talk to Carol today. My wife is out in the Northwest till next week.

This morning I got up around 6:30 AM. I got up ate a bowl of cereal and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. I felt sleepy after writing in my diary so I dozed. When I woke myself up from a deep contemplative state it was 9:20 AM. I decided to get dress and drive out to Tunnel Park Lake Michigan and take some pictures.

There is not much else to write. Last night I read some of the novel, 'The Night Ocean' A Novel by Paul La Farge. I also read some of an essay by Elizabeth Hardwick titled 'The Decline Of Book Reviewing' from a new book titled, 'The Collected Essays Of Elizabeth Hardwick' Selected By Darryl Pinckney.

I will suppose I will close to face existence. There is no way out.

Tunnel Park Lake Michigan

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