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recent used books added to our book collection

'The Summer He Didn't Die' three novella's by Jim Harrison

'The Romanovs: The Final Chapter' Russian History by Robert K. Massie

'The Other Russia: The Experience of Exile' biography by Michael Glenny & Norman Stone

'The Prize: The Epic Quest For Oil, Money, & Power' by Daniel Yergin

'The Shell Collector' Stories by Anthony Doerr

'Four Seasons in Rome' a memoir by Anthony Doerr

'All The Light We Cannot See' a novel by Anthony Doerr

'About Grace' a novel by Anthony Doerr

'Isaiah Berlin: A Life' by Michael Ignatieff

'The Book of Disquiet' Complete Edition by Fernando Pessoa Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa

'The Decameron' by Giovanni Boccaccio Translated by Wayne A. Rebhorn

'About Schmidt' a novel by Louis Begley

'Schmidt Delivered' a novel by Louis Begley

'Updike' a biography by Adam Begley

'The Early Stories 1953-1975' by John Updike

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