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sent back via the Milky way to the kingdom of Pure Light 
7th-Sep-2017 11:08 am
It is in the flow of Now 11:01 AM late Thursday morning. Ants do not wear watches so how do they keep track of the Now?

I am falling asleep as I write these words. I slept alright last night so why do I feel wasted? A mystery.

I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I woke up from a dream in which I was eating LSD/ mind expanding drugs. So I got up made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and then read 'I Corinthians' New Testament IXa Reformation Commentary on Scripture. When my wife got up I made for us a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. So has gone by the morning.

I have no plans for the day ahead of me. My major task today is to not fall asleep. Outside this morning it is cold and it has been raining.

Last night I read my new used books and went to bed around 11:30 PM. Now it is a Thursday morning here by Lake Michigan. Existence keeps decaying.
7th-Sep-2017 07:18 pm (UTC)
Re your title, I have only just found out that the Milky Way is likely to be consumed by the Andromeda galaxy in a few billion years. I know that it has little consequence for us today, but I love information like that - just so incredible to think of it.

Re your dream - is it because you felt that it was trippy and/or out of control, or something else?
7th-Sep-2017 09:08 pm (UTC) - dream
I often have dreams where I am stoned. I must have recently read or heard something about being stoned on acid or LSD. Maybe it goes back to knowing two of our children new live in states where smoking or digesting marijuana is legal. It has been many years since I had a marijuana joint. What would it be like to get stoned after 38 years of being clear headed. I have always been for marijuana being legalized. Sometimes I get tired of being in normal Christian middle class existence-I read I suppose to escape the world I find myself stuck in-peace (the title for this entry comes from the ancient religion of Manicheanism that was I was reading about this morning in a volume on Early Christianity)

Edited at 2017-09-07 09:12 pm (UTC)
7th-Sep-2017 09:58 pm (UTC) - Re: dream
Ah, well I am not especially well versed on the Bible - I went to a Church of England school and learnt the basics, though. The UK generally isn't driven by any particular religion, though of course there are stronger congregations in the Catholic churches and the Born Again religion. Both the Methodist and Church of England churches are flagging somewhat - consequently, the social pressure to belong to a particular religious faction (or indeed one at all) just simply isn't there. So when the UK hears about the US political systems being governed by religion, the Brits are a bit "Eh? Why?" on the matter.

I haven't really got to grips with marijuana, though I have been present when some of it has been smoked and my head's gone a bit buzzy. I have heard that there are great health benefits and the UK government does dicker around with the idea of legalising it. I supposed thew nearest I got to understanding I have with drugs are the books by Carlos Castaneda and his preoccupation with peyote.
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