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Monday Reads 
28th-Aug-2017 05:34 pm

Monday Reads

'The Deep Things Of God how the Trinity Changes Everything' by Fred Sanders

'Masscult And Midcult: Essays Against The American Grain' by Dwight MacDonald

'Isaiah Berlin: A Life' biography by Michael Ignatieff

'Sleepless Lights' a novel by Elizabeth Hardwick

'The Last Intellectuals: American Culture In The Age Of Academe' by Russell Jacoby

''The World Broke In Two: Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence, E. M. Forster, and the Year That Changed Literature' by Bill Goldstein

'Decameron' by Giovanni Boccaccio Translated by Wayne A. Rebhorn

'The House Of Government: A Saga Of The Russian Revolution' by Yuri Slezkine
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