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Nature consciousness & Used Books Haul

Nature consciousness & Used Books Haul

'The Art of Fielding' a novel by Chad Harbach

'Consciousness Explained' by Daniel C. Dennett

'The Enthusiasms Of Robertson Davies' by Robertson Davies Edited By Judith Skelton Grant

'Dream Land: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic' by Sam Quinones

'The Poet's Book of Psalms: The Complete Psalter As Rendered By Twenty-Five Poets From The Sixteenth To The Twentieth Century Also Includes all 150 Psalms in the King James Version' Compiled, Edited, And Introduction by Laurance Wieder

'Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories from the Road' by William Least Heat-Moon

'Blue Highways: A Journey Into America' by William Least Heat-Moon

'PrairyErth (a deep map)' by William Least Heat-Moon

'River Horse: A Voyage Across America' by William Least Heat-Moon

'Roads To Quoz: An American Mosey' by William Least Heat-Moon

music: Pissed Jeans "Why Love Now"

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