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Mid Year Booktube Check-In Tag


1. Did you have any Booktube goals for the first half of the year? If so, have you met any of them? I started my BookTube channel with the main goal of telling people about good Christian books and secondly what I read each day. I see my BookTube channel as a diary of a Christian booksworm. (I made my first BookTube video on September 11, 2015. I have made in BookTube 574 videos/not all videos are book related. I have made videos for example of our grandchildren or Nature scenes.)

2. What are your Booktube goals for the second half of the year? I have only one goal the second half of the year which is to share with people my love for books/all kinds of books and not just Christian books.

3. Which of your videos uploaded during the first half of the year are you the most proud of? I like the videos I do that set forth what is most personal to me. I like being a real bookworm speaking from my gut about the Lord Jesus and books/Christian and secular books.

4. The least proud of? I do not want to be proud. I want to be humble. I do not like videos where I come off confused.

5. What would you like to do differently in the second half of the year? I plan to keep doing what I have been doing in my BookTube channel.

6. What type of Booktube videos have you been watching the most? I like Booktube videos that are personal and not just book reviews or people showing what books are on their bookshelves.

7. What type of Booktube videos have you been skipping a lot more than usual? I am not into Science Fiction, Romance, or Fantasy BookTube videos.

8. Name three Booktubers whose content you've been following the most closely.




I do watch most of the videos of people that I have subscribed to over the last two years. Most of my subscribers no longer make videos. I am always searching for new BookTubers to add to my subscription list.

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