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let it burn

'How to be both' a novel by Ali Smith

'Sanctuary Cinema: Origins of the Christian Film Industry' by Terry Lindvall

'Savages' a firsthand account, for the author of RUNNING THE AMAZON, of how one small band of Amazonian warriors defended their territory against hell-bend oil companies, dogged missionaries, and starry-eyed environmentalists by Je Kane

'Body Toxic: An Environmental Memoir' by Susanne Antonetta

'Dirt Music' a novel by Tim Winton

Paris: Past and Present' photography table book by M. Ercole Pozzoli

'The Sun Dance People: The Plain Indians, their past and present' Written and photography by Richard Erdoes

'From Hiroshima To The Moon: Chronicles Of Life In The Atomic Age' by Daniel Lang

'Capone: The Man and the Era' biography by Laurence Bergreen

'The Volcano Lover: A Romance' by Susan Sontag

'Tales of Passion, Tales Of Woe' historical fiction by Sandra Gulland

'A Place I've Never Been' Stories by David Leavitt

'The Essential Groucho: Writings by, for, and about Grouch Marx' selected and edited by Stefan Kanfer

'Matilda' children's literature by Roald Dahl Illustrated By Quentin Blake

'The Monkey Wrench Gang' a novel by Edward Abbey

'Infamy: Pearl Harbor And Its Aftermath' World War II History by John Toland

'The Sirens of Titan' Science Fiction by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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