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It is in the death flow 2:25 PM Saturday afternoon. It has been a nice sunny day here in West Michigan.

I got up this morning around 7:45 AM. I immediately got dressed, because I had to go to the Holland Farmer's Market before the mob swarmed the place. I got dressed and drove down to the Holland Farmer's Market and bought six ears of corn, a musk melon, and romaine lettuce. I also bought two blueberry doughnuts, one for me and one for my wife.

I was home from the Holland Farmer's Market around 8:15 AM. I got a cup of coffee and messed with our main computer. Carol arrived home from work as I was making a fresh pot of coffee.

It has been a quiet day of reading my books, dozing and writing in my paper diary.

In the mail today I received a book I had ordered titled, 'The Night Ocean' a novel by Paul La Farge. I have been reading lately La Farge's novel, 'Haussmann Or The Distinction'.

This afternoon I have been reading from a book titled, 'The Book Wars: What It Takes To Be Educated In America' essays by James Atlas.

I do not remember right now if I have mentioned that yesterday I did visit thrift stores in search of used books and found these to add to our library-

'Consequences' a novel by Penelope Lively

'Love & Friendship' a literary study by Allan Bloom (By The Author Of 'The Closing of the American Mind')

'Classic Science Fiction' with original illustrations by Jules Verne ('Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea', 'From The Earth To The Moon', & 'Round The Moon')

I also do not remember if I mentioned here that I stopped by the library used books store The Book Nook and bought two paperbacks-

'The Daredevils' a novel by Gary Amdahl

'Sacrilege' An Elizabethan Thriller by S. J. Parris

I have a fading memory in my old age. So existence keeps decaying. Last night I made two videos for my BookTube channel before going to bed at Midnight. Well I suppose I will close for now. It will soon be over.


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