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What I Have Been Reading Lately

What I Have Been Reading Lately


'Sons in the Son: The Riches and Reach of Adoption in Christ' by David B. Garner

'Covenant and Commandment: Works, obedience and faithfulness in the Christian Life' by Bradley G. Green

'The Book Of Jeremiah' [The Bible in Medieval Tradition] Joy A. Schroeder translator & editor

''The Art Of Wandering: The Writer As Walker' by Merlin Coverley

'Psychogeography' by Merlin Coverley

'A Sideways Look at Time' essays by Jay Griffiths

'The Book Wars: What It Takes To Be Educated In America' essays by James Atlas

'Haussmann Or The Distinction' a novel by Paul Lafarge

'Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self' biography by Claire Tomalin

'The Invention of Angela Carter: A Biography' by Edmund Gordon

'Shaking A Leg: Collected Writings' by Angela Carter

"Am I a God near at hand," says the LORD, And not a God afar off? Can anyone hide himself in secret places, so I shall not see him?" says the LORD; do I not fill heaven and earth?" says the LORD." Jeremiah 23:23,24

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