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the resurrection of Christ is the beginning of the new and final world-order

It is in the slow death crawl 5:50 PM Sunday evening here in West Michigan. Existence keeps emptying into the Eternal Now.

Carol just left for Covenant PCA. I am listening to the new live Swan 2XCD 'Deliguescence' that I got in the mail yesterday. The Swans are one of my favorite bands.

Caleb, Emily, and Josie Joy left around 5:25 PM for their home in GR. Nonie and Papa had a good time with our little granddaughter Josie Joy.

There is really not much to record this evening. The weekend has gone by in a blur. I did not have much quiet time this weekend. I tried to read today when possible my new Medieval commentary on The Prophecy of Jeremiah.

Last night I mainly read before going to bed a book titled, 'Masscult And Midcult: Essays Against The American Grain' by Dwight Macdonald. I also read a great deal yesterday of a book titled, 'The Last Intellectuals: American Culture In The Age Of Academe' by Russell Jacoby.

I could write a ton of shit, but why. I am tired and will close to drift into blackness. There is no way out.


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