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Book Hoarding Tag

Published on July 14, 2017 in BookTube

I know hoarding is the symptom of a serious mental condition. I mean this tag as something fun. Humour is a great way to aleve the symptoms of many serious situations and spark a much needed conversation. For more information about hoarding,

1. Book you should get rid of, but have trouble for some reason. Why? Proud to have read it? Was a gift? Want to read it? Emotional attachment?

2. Compulsive Collecting, What book or edition would you covet or dream of owning? A rare book? Signed? 1st Edition? Some other trophy find?

3. Safety Among Clutter, what book makes you feel cozy?

4. Nostalgic Memories, what book has a story? How you got it, where you were when you read it? Impact? Just can’t explain?

5. Don’t Touch My Stuff! What book will you not lend out? Or have a fear of losing? Treasure the most? Why?

6. Procrastination, Anxiety, Quirky Personality, what book is so delicious that you’ve cancelled plans to read? Or would cancel?

7. Impulsive Buying, what book did you buy completely unplanned and on a whim? Why? Will you read it? Did you already get rid of it?

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