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It is 5:27 PM Friday afternoon in the plan of God to save the present cosmos. Outside this evening it is in the 60's and cloudy.

I got up this morning around 6:05 AM. I got up and got oatmeal ready to make when Carol would get up. I also got coffee ready to make when Carol got up to face existence in the Last Days. There was still coffee from the night before, so I warmed that coffee up in the microwave and walked over to our main computer to see what had happened in the world since I had gone to bed the night before.

I do not remember much about this morning. I do remember after messing with our main computer. I think I wrote in my paper diary. When Carol got up and I made oatmeal and a fresh pot of coffee for breakfast. I do not remember reading anything this morning. I think Carol and I left for Grand Rapids to do errands early this morning. I can not recall what time we left for Grand Rapids. I am suffering from memory loss. We went to Grand Rapids to order hardware for our new doors. It took us awhile to find the place Modern Hardware where we were suppose to order new doorknobs and bolt locks for our new doors. After we accomplished that task we went to a place that sells Nurse Uniforms and right next door was a camera store that I wanted to visit so as to buy a new camera. So while Carol got new nurse uniforms I bought myself a new camera.

After that chore we went Trader Joe's and then Baker Book House. At Baker Book House I bought myself these three books-

'Covenant and Commandment: Works, obedience and faithfulness in the Christian life' by Bradley G. Green [New Studies In Biblical Theology]

'The Deep Things Of God how the Trinity Changes Everything' by Fred Sanders

'Sons in the Son: The Riches and Reach of Adoption in Christ' by David B. Garner Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson

After Baker Book House Carol and I headed back to Holland. Before going home we stopped and ate lunch at a small restaurant called Community Kitchen.

Since getting home I have messed with my new camera and written in my paper diary. I put away my July 2017 diary for the day and now I am writing in my four online diaries. Nothing came in the mail to make me feel like a million bucks this afternoon. I suppose I will close since I am feeling wasted. Tomorrow is a Saturday, the middle of the month.

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