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the democratization of bohemia

It is in the death flow 12:46 PM Tuesday afternoon. It is 81 degrees inside our home right now. It is a humid afternoon and it feels like it might storm.

I have had thus far a normal American day. All my days seem to flow in all the same aimless direction.

I got up this morning around 6:25 AM. I got up made a pot of oatmeal and then I then messed with our main computer. When Carol got up I made a fresh pot of coffee. Carol left this morning early for a staff meeting at the hospital and then afterwards to visit her older brother Dave and his wife Gail.

This morning I felt totally out of it. I wrote in my paper diary and messed with our main computer. I laid down for an hour down in the lower level and when Carol got home around 11 o'clock AM I came upstairs. Since getting up from a nap I read some more of a biography on the life of Henry David Thoreau and drifted. I am wasted this afternoon. I feel lifeless. Oh! I just remembered I made five minute video this morning for my BookTube channel.

Yesterday afternoon and into evening hours I read some more of the novel 'The Luminaries' by Eleanor Catton.

Not much else to report this afternoon. I suppose I will close to wait to see what comes in the mail this afternoon. There is no way out.

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