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New Used Books Added To Our Library

New Used Books Added To Our Library

'A Rebel In Defense Of Tradition: The Life and Politics of Dwight Macdonald' by Michael Wreszin

'The Benedict Option: A Strategy For Christians In A Post-Christian Nation' by Rod Dreher

'The Compleat Angler' by Izaak Walton & Charles Cotton

'The BFG' children's book by Roald Dahl

'Elephas Maximus: A Portrait Of The Indian Elephant' by Stephen Alter

'The Last Of The Savages' a novel by Jay McInerney

'Imperial Bedrooms' a novel by Bret Easton Ellis

'Selected Writings' by Frederic Remington

'Moby-Dick or The Whale' a novel by Herman Melville

a small band of unconventional literary intellectuals

his Utopian notion of escaping the false intellectuality of the city to find a purity in the earlier life of rural America

they were the concerns of a guardian of the culture, whose chief worry was over the decline of the educated elite's role in society

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