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old diary entries written when Rudy was a puppy April 2004

April 4, 2004
It is the middle of the night and I am with Rudy our puppy. Rudy was crying so loud in his dog cage that it woke me up. So I got up to let him out of his cage so he could run around the house. He seems to be happy so running around the livingroom. Tomorrow night his cage goes down in the basement bedroom where the boys slept when they were growing up. Tonight Josiah is home and if I was to put Rudy down there with him Rudy would keep him awake all night. I remember Mack our first dog (who we had to put down last year around May) cried when he was a puppy. So here I sit sleepy and not sure if I want to leave Rudy out of his cage all night while we sleep. He might chew something not good for him. He is always looking for trouble. Right now he is chewing on an old bath towel. I can hear him growling as he chews the towel.

This evening I went to bed around 9 o'clock and now it is 3:34 AM Sunday morning. I should go to bed but what to do with the puppy? Well I will close to feel extremely tired. It is a new work week. This coming Friday is Good Friday. Bethany comes home for the weekend and can play night and day with the dog.

I am up to face a Sunday morning in america. I feel tired but that is normal for me. I put Rudy in his cage last night and turned on the TV and went to bed. I did not hear him during the night crying. Around 7:30 AM we heard the puppy crying so we got up to keep Rudy company. The puppy thinks we should play with him constantly. So it the first day of a new work week.

Yesterday I already wrote about so I won't repeat myself.

This morning we go to Covenant PCA. Carol will take Josiah back to GR this afternoon or maybe I will since the weather is not bad at the present moment.

I am falling asleep so I will close to wait.

"Plato did not hate the world, but it reminded him of a much better place. What evoked joy and wonder in the old man was the conviction that behind the facade of deceptive sense impressions and turbulent emotions was realm of pure thought that gave mundane experience whatever intelligibility and value it had. That is why he saw art as a window to eternity, and why he pictured God as an artisan. What most pleased and excited Aristotle, on the other hand, was his conviction that the "real world" perceived by the senses-our only home, however much one might wish for another-contains within itself the sources of intelligibility and value. He agreed with Plato that surface appearances are deceptive, that the real nature or structure of things is hidden, and that wisdom means uncovering these underlying realities. But he denied that existence of a world of absolute intelligibilities separate from the nature world. In his view, ideas cannot exist without the imput of the senses, nor are the things of this world mere shadows or approximations of eternal concepts. On the contrary, they embody concepts. To Aristotle, that is the miracle: that apparently dumb, "thingy" reality can speak to human beings, and that humans using their powers of reason can apprehend the principles inherent in things." pg. 29 a quote from the book Aristotle's Children by Richard E. Rubenstein

"Mystical contemplation, then, is a knowing but not a knowing born of discursive reason. It is a knowledge through love, an infused knowledge placed by God directly in the (passive) intellect. It bypasses the natural cognitive apparatus that has its obligatory point of departure in sensation. Although St. John endorses the Aristotelian maxim that nothing reaches the intellect without passing through the senses, this applies to natural reason. In mystical contemplation God infuses knowledge quietly and secretly in darkness to material things." pg. 57 quote from the book Silent Music by R. A. Herrera

April 5, 2004
I am home from work. The computer tells me the time is now 5:35 PM. I got home from work around 4:25 PM. I let Rudy out of his dog cage so he could play. He was so happy to see someone. Carol had gotten up early to take her mother to the doctor's. So I played with the puppy and then cleaned up. I played some more with Rudy till Carol got home. We put the dog back into his cage so Carol could cook dinner and could write down some words. I had a typical work day. I am tired and feel like falling asleep. Tomorrow we start working from 7 o'clock AM till 4:30 PM. We have to work overtime over Holy Week.

Yesterday I took a nap woke up at 4:20 PM to play with the puppy and get ready for church. Carol left early for church because she is taking the membership class. She wants to join Covenant PCA but I don't want to join. Josiah stayed home due to a head cold. I left for Covenant PCA at 5:54 PM and sat next to Carol when I entered the church building. We got home from church around 7:25 PM. We ate food and I watched television. Carol took Josiah back to GR and I watched television and played with Rudy. Carol got home around 10 o'clock and got ready for work. Rudy cried all night but I was able to shut his crying out and get some sleep. I got up at 5:45 AM this morning to go to work, it was pitch black outside. When I looked out the kitchen window this morning I could see the moon and the stars. I am living the american dream. Now here I sit weary waiting for supper listening to Interpol their album "Turn on the Bright Lights". I have no big plans for the evening hours. Carol plans to go back to bed after we eat a meal in time and space.

Today at work one of our semi-retired truck drivers had a massive heart attacked and died. The fellow was 73 years old when he passed out of this world into the next world. My boss told us of the fellow's sudden death at a meeting before lunch break. Our boss said the fellow claimed to be a Christian and was now in a better place (heaven).
Carol is calling me to the dinner table so I got to close.

Carol has gone to bed till it is time for her to get up and get ready to go to work. I have been playing with Rudy and am thinking of going downtown to listen to music. I was looking at a book titled "The Influence Of Greek Ideas On Christianity" by Edwin Hatch. I am too tired to think. My feet our cold and I will close for a few minutes to put some shoes on my feet. Rudy wants to chew on my shoes. He is tearing around the living room looking for trouble. So here I sit tired from work not knowing what to do next? I do not want to play with the dog all evening. I am too tired to read so I could go for a walk downtown? At work I had nothing on my mind that I feel worth mentioning. I did not talk to anyone at work today. I did tell several people we got a puppy Saturday at work today. Phin is still waiting for his wife to give birth.

I suppose I will close to wait to see what happens next in my short life. Here is a list of books next to me as I sit here talking to myself.

1. The Influence Of Greeks Ideas On Christianity by Hatch
2. Silent Music: The Life, Work, and Thought of St. John of the Cross by R. A. Herrera
3. The Age of Pilgrimage: The Medieval Journey To God by Jonathan Sumption
4. Artistotle's Children: How Christians, Muslims, And Jews Rediscovered Ancient Wisdom And Illuminated The Dark Ages by Richard E. Rubenstein

April 6, 2004
I am home from work trying to mess with my computer while Rudy the puppy tears around the house. I had a typical work day. I worked from 6:45 AM till 4:35 PM today. A long hard day at the bottom of the egg pit. I am thankful to be home free from the pain of labor. I found Carol gone when I got home from work. She had gone to get her car down the street from us. She had a new muffler put on her Jetta. I played with Rudy till Carol got home (Rudy fell asleep next to me). I cleaned up and wrote down my work hours. I played with the dog and talked to Carol for awhile. Carol left to do errands and I came to mess with my computer. Last night I watched a three hour TV show on ABC called Peter Jennings Reporting Jesus and Paul The Word and the Witness. Check out the web site listed below. I found the show interesting.

I had nothing new on my mind at work today. I am in a quiet place mentally this week. The books next to me today are these three (1.) Aristotle's Children: How Christians, Muslims, And Jews Rediscovered Ancient Wisdom And Illuminated The Dark Ages by Richard E. Rubenstein (2.) Silent Music: The Life, Work, and Thought of St. John of the Cross by R. A. Herrera and (3.) The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross.

Carol plans to go to bed when she gets home from her errands. I might go downtown and check out the CD store? Right now I am not in the mood to listen to new music so I might just stay home and keep Rudy the puppy company. I am beat from working all day at the bottom of the egg hole.

an old photo of our son Josiah with Rudy when he was a puppy
Josiah & Rudy when he was a puppy

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