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old diary entry April 3, 2004 the day Carol and I brought Rudy home

We are back from looking at the puppy up north. We bought the puppy and brought him home. We named him Rudy. The puppy is a Yorkie-Maltese mix. He looks more Yorkie than Maltese.

We left here around 9:30 AM to look at the dog. On the way we stopped at a bookstore in Grand Haven Mich called The Bookmark. We looked around the store and I bought a book titled "Aristotle's Christian: How Christians, Muslims, And Jews Rediscovered Ancient Wisdom And Illuminated The Dark Ages" by Richard E. Rubenstein. We had lunch in Ludington and then went and looked at the puppy. After looking at the puppy and talking to the people we decided to buy the little fellow. Carol has gone to bed to take a nap. Josiah is home for the weekend. I am tired but do not want to take a nap. Today I have read from these three books---1. Aristotle's Children: How Christians, Muslims, And Jews Rediscovered Ancient Wisdom And Illuminated The Dark Ages by Richard E. Rubenstein 2. The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross and 3. Silent Music: The Life, Work, and Thought of St. John of the Cross by R. A. Herrera.

I do not remember last night. Oh yea I watched my DVD Woodstock Three Days of Peace and Music. Carol went and picked up Josiah and they got home around 10:30 PM. I went to bed around 11:30 PM last night. So existence keeps going by. I will close with this poem by St. John of the Cross that I read this morning as we drove up to north to look at the puppy.

Song of the soul that rejoices in knowing God through faith.

For I know well the spring that flows and runs,
although it is night.

1. That eternal spring is hidden,
for I know well where it has its
although it is night.

2. I do not know its origin, nor has it one,
but I know that every origin has come from it,
although it is night.

3. I know that nothing else is so beautiful,
and that the heavens and the earth drink there,
although it is night.

4. I know well that it is bottomless
and no one is able to cross it,
although it is night.

5. Its clarity is never darkened,
and I know that every light has
come from it,
although it is night.

6. I know that its streams are so brimming
they water the lands of hell, the heavens, and earth,
although it is night.

7. I know well the stream that flows from this spring
is mighty in compass and power,
although it is night.

8. I know the stream proceeding from these two,
that neither of them in fact precedes it,
although it is night.

9. This eternal spring is hidden
in this living bread for our life's sake,
although it is night.

10. It is here calling out to creatures;
and they satisfy their thirst, although in darkness,
because it is night.

11. This living spring that I long for,
I see in this bread of life,
although it is night.

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