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we must not suffer sin to reign in us

It is in the death flow 1:24 PM Tuesday afternoon here in West Michigan. Outside this afternoon the sun is shining.

I have been struggling to stay awake all day. I think due to lack of proper exercise I am always tired. I do not have the strength to stay awake these days. I am just a big bag of exhaustion. I remember once upon a time I would take a long walk almost every day. Now the thought of leaving the house makes me sick.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I have basically spent the day writing in my paper diary and reading my books. Not much else happened here today.

Last night I read my books late into the night. My life is pretty much empty.

Carol is now off the next six night from work. I do not know what she plans to do with her time off.

Well I will close to drift through the rest of the day. Before I came here to write in my online diaries I had been reading, 'Leg Over Leg' Volumes One And Two by Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq Translated By Humphrey Davies.

wild flower garden

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