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It is 10:10 AM Thursday morning. A windy hot morning here in West Michigan. We need a couple of days of rain.

I am falling asleep as I type these words. I should go down in the lower level where it is cold and dark and sleep for a couple of hours. Carol left this morning for a Woman's Bible Study at some woman's swanky home. After she attends this Bible Study she is picking up an elderly friend at the Nursing Home and bringing her here for a picnic. Carol wants me to grill hamburgers and hot-dogs for this picnic. Carol likes to do things that make people feel momentarily happy.

This morning I left the house around 8:55 AM to go to our local library to help set up for the Friends of the Library used books sale and it was already set up. Apparently I was told the wrong day for setting up for the used books sale. So I came home to wait out this hot late Spring day. All I have read this morning is some of the book, 'Young Radicals In The War For American Ideals' by Jeremy McCarter.

I wrote a couple of pages in my paper diary this morning. Last night I read late into the night. So much to read and so little life force.

Well I suppose I will close to feel totally blown out. I need to feel recharged.

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