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A Thrift Store Haul

'William Perkins' biography by Joel Beeke & Stephen Yuille

'The Works Of William Perkins' Volume 1 Edited By J. Stephen Yuille General Editiors: Joel R. Beeke And Derek W. H. Thomas

'Burmese Days' a novel by George Orwell

'Zelda' a biography of Zelda Fitzgerald by Nancy Melford

'Whirlwind' a historical fiction by James Clavell

'The Lobster Coast: Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier' by Colin Woodard

'The Intuitionist' a novel by Colson Whitehead

'Gimme the Money' a novel by Iva Pekarkova

'Custer: The Controversial Life of George Armstrong Custer' biography by Jeffry D. Wert

'The Mapmaker's Wife' A True Tale Of Love, Murder, And Survival In The Amazon' by Robert Whitaker

'Hemingway: A Collection of Critical Essays' Edited by Robert Weeks

'Principles Of Biblical Interpretation' by L. Berkhof

'Pastoral Theology: Essentials Of Ministry' by Thomas C. Oden

'A Sense Of History: The Best Writing from the Pages of American Heritage'

'The Arsenal Of Democracy: FDR, Detroit, And An Epic Quest To Arm An America At War' by A. J. Baime

'The Civil War: A Narrative Fort Sumter To Perryville' by Shelby Foote

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