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the divine oneness of the Godhead

It is in the flow 9:15 AM Thursday morning. It is another cold, gray, and wet day here in West Michigan.

I got up this morning around 5:45 AM. I got up made a pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and have been reading all morning from a book titled, "We Believe in the Holy Spirit" Volume 4 Ancient Christian Doctrine Edited By Joel C. Elowsky. When Carol got up around 8 o'clock AM I made for us a small pot of oatmeal for breakfast.

I have nothing to do today but get over this cold.

Last night I read my books and went to bed early. I will close to read my books and write in my paper diary. I have been mainly reading these books lately-

"The Path Of Christianity: The First Thousand Years" by John Anthony McGuckin

"We Believe in One God" Volume 1 Ancient Christian Doctrine Edited By Gerald L, Bray

"We Believe in the Holy Spirit" Volume 4 Ancient Christian Doctrine Edited By Joel C. Elowsky

"Blood, Bone, And Marrow: A Biography Of Harry Crews" by Ted Geltner

Well I need to close to blow my nose and contemplate the divine oneness of the Godhead.

I suppose I should mention that yesterday afternoon I forced myself to leave my cell to go to a local grocery store to buy something to cook for dinner and to visit a Goodwill Thrift Store to search for used books to ADD to our library. I found these two used books for our library-

"Memoirs Of A Bastard Angel" a memoir by Harold Norse

"Mad Girl's Love Song: Sylvia Plath And Life Before Ted" biography by Andrew Wilson

I have another biography by Andrew Wilson titled, "Beautiful Shadow: A Life Of Patricia Highsmith". I will now close to feel very sick. I also have another biography on the life of the writer Patricia Highsmith titled, "The Talented Miss Highsmith: The Secret Life and Serious Art of Patricia Highsmith" by Joan Schenkar.

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