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God has overthrown the glory of the flesh

It is 6:27 PM Saturday evening here in West Michigan. It has been a long day. I was up around 5:50 AM this morning. I hardly slept last night due to our bed room being hot and Carol snoring. My wife has a Spring cold and is blowing her nose all the time. Tonight I plan to sleep down in the lower level of our home.

So I got up this morning super early made a pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast. When Carol got up I made her a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I wrote in my paper diary and then messed with our main computer.

I volunteer at our local used books store The Book Nook on Saturdays from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. I left early for the Book Nook so as to get a parking space downtown. Today was the big Tulip Time Parade and there were thousands of tourists in down all looking for a place to park.

I parked my old Dodge van at the library and walked downtown to see how the tulips were doing. Most of the tulips were dead. I went to a coffee cafe while while downtown and got myself a cup of coffee and a sweet roll. I then left the cafe and walked back to the library. The Book Nook was quiet so I read and wandered the store to my replacement came at 12:50 PM. My friend Tim stopped by while I was at the Book Nook and we talked about the sad state of America. While at the Book Nook I started reading the novel "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway. I brought home from the Book Nook two used books to add to our library-

"The Caine Mutiny"" a novel by Herman Wouk

"The Best American Short Stories 2016" Editor Junot Diaz

When I got home Emily, Caleb, and Josie were here for a visit/Mother's Day. Emily, Carol, and Josie Joy went to watch the giant Tulip Time Parade around 2 o'clock PM. Caleb stayed here with me.

So the day went by. Caleb, Emily, and Josie Joy left around 6 o'clock PM for GR. I am now writing in my online diaries and Carol is cleaning the kitchen. Tomorrow is a Sunday, we are entering the middle of the month.

Last night I watched some television and read late into the night from a book titled, "The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution, And Revenge" by Paul Preston. I just remembered I did read this morning some of the book, "I Corinthians" New Testament IXa Reformation Commentary On Scripture.

Well, I will close to brush my teeth and wait for darkness to fall.

Nonie & Josie Joy

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