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severe brain trauma

I recently was shown a photo of a fellow who last year was in a car wreck and was badly injured. This fellow suffered severe brain trauma. He was in the hospital for a long time. When he was released he went home to a wife and a small child. I once met this fellow a couple of years ago. The fellow was tall, red hair and had a very intelligent face/bright eyes. I recently saw a photo of this fellow now and I was shocked at the change! Now the fellow has a blank expression in his face. He is now gone. The fellow lost his personality. I feel so sad for this young man. I feel sad for his wife who now has a shell for a lover husband. The man she married is gone and all is left is someone she did not marry. Now this young wife has a man who has suffered severe brain trauma and needs constant care. How do you make love to someone husband who is gone? The fellow is now a blank. It all makes me sad. I can't shake the image of that photo of the fellow now. He looks confused and has gained a huge amount of weight.

Before the fellow had his terrible injured he was slim and bright, now he is overweight and a child mentally. I feel so sad thinking of that young wife with a mentally brain damaged husband and a small child to take care of. This morning I was thinking when we marry someone it is for life/for better or worse/sickness and death. If one is a Christian how do you forsake the one you married after suffering severe brain trauma? Now I suppose the young wife loves her husband like she would love a damaged friend. Maybe the young wife loves her husband remembering what he was the day they got married/try to remember when they made love the first time. It is all too sad for me to think about as my wife and I get older and older. I hate to see myself someday not knowing my wife. I hate to be a old man with not a clue what is going on in this dead world.

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