For years I listened to indie rock and pop and finally had enough. It seemed to me the music I was listening to had no rage to it-no guts-the music all sounded like 60's folk music-nice quiet music-nothing that caused you to feel pissed at the dead American world etc. . . Before listening to Black and Death Metal I did listen to Noise Rock and Hard Rock but not much extreme Death Metal-right now that is the kind of music that I find interesting/thought provoking. I like to listen to music that has intense emotion to it- like rage-I like dark depressive music-experimental-reflective-symphonic-atmospheric. I have a very large music library so I still listen to my indie pop/rock/singer song writer-like everything I get bored and need something new-something way out there in the far reaches of music-underground music-etc.

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Re: music
hi cf, i too have the same question. with all your philosophical and spiritual readings posted, this has a strong contrast for me to that intellectual search for meaning.

i think we listen to what moves us, each individually, for me it is varied and eclectic and includes folk, classical, jazz, soul, r&b, indie, pop, etc. however the sound that grinds me down is constant thump, i.e.. drum and bass, repetitive electronic mechanical trance and beat, dead head rap music, and formulaic cock rock, beyond which i find a plethora of sensibility.. i like a good metallic jam and many metallic artists are amazing balladeers as well.. a time when i listened to a lot of grunge and metal was when my marriage of 15 years ended. when i hit rock bottom, i had nowhere to go but up. some of that music from avant gard jazz to goth metal and power rock, felt somehow cleansing.

so, for me the thing i differentiate is how the music makes me feel, what does it do to me? if it agitates and depresses, i move on, however if it inspires and uplifts, i can listen to one thing over and over. i'm sure it all has to do with individual personality and life perspectives, but i can't really define it, i just feel it in that moment..

here is something that moved me deeply emotionally when i was hurting..

John Coltrane My Favorite Things Paris,November 18,1961 with Eric Dolphy on flute